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Can You Get Occupational Therapy With NDIS?

Are you wondering if you can get occupational therapy with NDIS? OT is a treatment option with the main goal of helping patients to engage in their daily lives in more rewarding ways. It can involve helping people to recover from injuries, helping them to perform daily tasks and helping them socialise and engage better with their communities. There are numerous applications where occupational therapy with NDIS might be selected but people often confuse the profession with physiotherapy which is focused mostly on physical mobility improvements. OT is a service which can dramatically improve a person’s quality of life so understandably it’s a popular service that people seek out when working with the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Here are a few things you should be aware of about the National Disability Insurance Scheme and OT.


It OT covered?

A lot of people wonder if they can get occupational therapy with NDIS and the answer is that yes you can. OT is a popular inclusion on many people’s plans when they work with the National Disability Insurance Plan. A few of the services you might expect with OT therapists are assessments for assistive technology and recommendations around aid equipment which might help people perform daily tasks, they may also suggest modifications to your home and vehicle to help you pass driving assessments. They may also assess your needs when it comes to personal care and how adjustments can be made to better take care of your needs. Additionally, they may also complete housing assessments and help with things such as transportation assistance and accommodation and can help you to make adjustments in the workplace. When working with children they will use play-based interventions to help in daily activities. They can also help you out with planning your life. OT’s are skilled in many areas and can assist with everything from mental health, rehab, pain management, driving assessment and pediatric work. In many cases they will work with people to help them pursue their interests and improve their daily living routines.


What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme?

The National Disability Insurance scheme is designed to help people living with permanent and significant disabilities. The scheme is there to help people to enjoy more freedom and control over the way their funding is used.


Am I eligible for occupational therapy with NDIS?

man assisting his wife in a wheelchair

You could be eligible for occupational therapy with NDIS if you have a significant and permanent disability which impacts on your daily life and you are under the age of 65. If you’re not sure if you’re qualified the National Disability Insurance Scheme can help you with a checklist and can provide you with the information you need.


How can I find an OT therapy provider?

Once you have been approved by the National Disability Insurance Scheme you’ll be able to work with your planner to come up with a support plan that suits you. Participants will have access to individualized supports which will be funded by the program and can help to dramatically improve your quality of life. If you think occupational therapy with NDIS would be beneficial for you then be sure to raise it with your planner as they will be able to work with you to come up with a plan that works for you and your goals. Generally, treatments will be funded as long as they align with your needs and goals. OT is one of the most popular supports that participants of the scheme seek out and for good reason – it has fantastic benefits and improves the lives of many.


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Electrician in an electrical supply store buying supplies

How You Can Keep Your Staff Safe By Places Orders Online When Shopping At Electrical Supply Stores

As most people will fully understand, when they are running a business, it is their job to keep their staff members safe as much as they possibly can. And while sometimes this task will be easy, there will be other times where figuring out the right thing to do is not so apparent. For example, there are many companies out there who have had to close due to the pandemic which means that there are some other places out there that are not able to get access to their regular items.

And this means that they might not be able to make their workplace as safe as it usually is and this may fly people into a state of worry and panic. But people do not have to panic when this is the case and instead people need to simply think a little outside the box in regards to what they are going to do. As people can’t really afford to wait when it comes to this very important topic, here is a look at how you can keep your staff safe by placing orders online when shopping at electrical supply stores.


You can keep your staff safe by places orders online when shopping at electrical supply stores by placing a reoccurring order

What can often happen is that when people realize that they are running low on stock of something, they will then visit a store nearby to replenish this stock. But as most shops are currently closed, people will instead have to do this online but what they may find is that they will visit different websites only to find that the company doesn’t have what they need in stock. And this will leave them in a bad position as they need to ensure that their site is always safe for people to work.

Be this as it may, you can keep your staff safe by placing orders online when shopping at electrical supply stores and perhaps setting up a reoccurring order. This means that people are able to have items arrive before they run low on them and they don’t even have to think about it. Furthermore, many businesses will prioritize their customers who have reoccurring orders over those who come into the store so they are likely to get stock before it runs out.


You can keep your staff safe by placing orders online when shopping at electrical supply stores and avoiding how many people your staff have to come into contact with

Electrician at work

You can also keep your staff safe by placing orders online when shopping at electrical supply stores and avoiding how many people your staff have to come into contact with. When people are shopping online like this instead of in-person, they are able to have items delivered or they can arrange for some kind of click and collect service. The great thing about this is that this will help reduce how many people someone is coming into contact with and will help with preventing the spread of the virus.

So this means that people are keeping their staff doubly safe because they are not only able to ensure that all of their equipment, tooling, and heavy machinery in their workspace is safe and protected but they can also reduce how many people they are coming into contact with. And this will allow businesses out there to continue to operate even with so many crazy things going on in the world for the foreseeable future to come.


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Some British candies

How To Get Your Hands On Delicious British Candy In Australia

Desperate to get your hands on some British candy? Well, you’re not alone! Plenty of people in Australia would love to try or re-experience some of the unique sweets from the United Kingdom but have not had an easy time trying to import them.

After all, shipping some sweets in from overseas can seem like a bit of an effort. That’s why companies that import and stock British candy here in Australia are so great!

That’s right – there are businesses that you can order individual or bulk items from that are imported from the UK. This is easily the most convenient and affordable way to get your hands on classics like Lemon Sherbets, Wine Gums, Fox’s Glacier, and other classics.


All types of British candy – old and new!

Not only do these shops have classic sweets from 

classic chocolates

decades past, but they also have new ones as well. The sweet-makers in the UK are always coming up with new tasty products, and these shops allow people in Australia to experience them and not miss out on all the new delicious flavors.

This is just so convenient since you can get all of the British candy that you want without having to pay overseas shipping costs. These shops import the sweets in bulk so that they pay less and pass on these savings to their customers.


More than just sweets!

The bonus is that these shops don’t just carry British candy – they carry a range of different supermarket products from the UK. This includes crisps (chips), drinks, and even laundry and baby supplies. Basically, the most popular UK products you wish you could get in Australia are available here!

Even just browsing these websites is a great nostalgia trip for anyone who grew up in the UK, as they will see many of the items they would have seen in the supermarket. This is why the items found here can make excellent little gifts for people you know who might miss a certain type of sauce or brand of chips but can’t normally get access to them in Australia.


Lots of special offers!

Of course, any good store selling British candy will have special discounts and offers from time to time which makes it exciting to shop there and hunt for a deal. This can be a great way to find something to buy in bulk so that you save a lot of money at once and have access to your favourite UK treat for a longer period.

Some of these special offers could include special selection offers that package a bunch of products together. This can be a great treat for someone you know from the UK, but you don’t know exactly what they like.

Often times the sight of these items and the memories they bring are more valuable as a gift than the British candy itself. Whatever the case, it can be a great value way to delight someone you know from the UK and who might cherish a little memory from home.

As you can see, there’s a lot to love about shops in Australia that sell British candy. They do so much more than just import sweets from the UK, and they provide great value to people who want to use them to buy in bulk or buy a selection of treats to give as a gift.

Do yourself a favour and head over to one of these websites to browse the selection of delicious treats and other times that they have. You certainly won’t regret it!

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old woman smiling

How You Are Able To Organise ACAT Assessments In Sydney When Transportation Is An Issue

Well, most people out there will are in their own car and will be able to afford to put fuel in this car so that they can go from A to B, they may not realise that this is actually a luxury that not every single person has. There are a whole host of reasons why somebody may not have their own vehicle and sometimes people simply cannot afford it or perhaps they may have some kind of disability. And then there are those who have lost their licence in the past and are not able to get it back for a certain period of time.

But whatever the reasoning may be, these people will have to get extra inventive when it comes to moving around. For example, very acquainted with the public transport system. But as everybody knows this is not the most reliable of things and so can become a nuisance, and so, here is how you are able to organise ACAT assessments in Sydney when transportation is an issue.


You are able to organise ACAT assessments in Sydney when transportation is an issue by requesting someone to come to your home

What some people may not know is that they are able to organise ACAT assessments in Sydney when transportation is an issue by requesting someone to come to their home. While many professionals will request that people come to their place of work, this doesn’t mean that there are not professionals out there who are able to travel and cater to those who have a hard time getting from A to B. And this is very important as it is best to avoid those who may be putting this important thing off because they are unsure about how to get it done.

It is important to note that not all professionals out there will offer this kind of thing and so people will need to research those who do or simply ask professionals when they call them. Even if people do not offer this service themselves, they may be able to point people in the right direction of someone who is able to help them.


You are also able to organise ACAT assessments in Sydney when transportation is an issue by seeing if you can obtain Uber vouchers

Another thing that people may not realise is that there are all sorts of government support out there that are able to help people. And you, you may be able to also organise ACAT assessments in Sydney when transportation is an issue by seeing if you can obtain Uber vouchers. People may be able to chat with someone about this the next time that they have a Centrelink appointment or they may be able to chat with someone over the phone to see what is available to them.

It is very likely that if someone is already getting a payment from the government and they have some kind of issue that is preventing them from owning a car or driving themselves, then there will be something along these lines available to them so that they are able to get the important medical assistance that they need. And this is the same for a personal carer who is unable to drive but still has someone that they need to get to places in order to attend appointments. All in all, there is always another option out there to explore, even when people are unsure about how they are going to get important things done.

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woman sitting in an office chair

How To Find The Best Office Chair

Are you trying to buy a new office chair? Trying to find a good candidate to replace the seat you have always used can be tough, especially if you are very used to what you are having used for a long time. There are many different choices out there when it comes to a product like this, and you naturally don’t want to end up making the wrong choice.

The following will examine some tips you can follow to make sure that you get the best office chair to suit you.


1.     Look at many different shops, both online and in real life

If you are looking to save as much money as possible when buying a new office chair, then it makes sense to shop around to find the best possible deal. The cheapest option won’t necessarily be the best, so you want to find the cheapest version of something that meets your needs and expectations.

Find out what your needs are and browse/ask around for the best providers. This means using Google to search for the best online retailers, as well as taking a look around your local shops. If you want to save time and money spend on travel, you can call up shops and ask them about their stock. However, you won’t have the benefit of sitting in and trying out the office chair before you buy it, and how you feel in it may be a critical consideration when you make your final purchase decision.

Generally, most swivel seats are going to function in a similar way, and the extra money you pay will be on the level of extra comfort that it brings. If you want something made with leather and a lot of padding, then you will need to pay more than one that is of more basic construction.

When you are shopping online, make sure you investigate and learn as much as you can about the company you are ordering from. Check out each of the pages on their site to learn about who they are and what their policy is when it comes to returns/warranties.


2.     Do you want it to be pre-built or with assembly required?

Of course, many of the office chairs you will consider buying will come with assembly required. 2nd hand products will already be made, saving you the trouble of putting them together (but they won’t be new).

While this product is not the most difficult to assemble, you want to make sure you do it right. Doing a poor job when assembling it could lead to problems down the road and may even make it dangerous to use if a part is loose and falls out.

If you are planning to personally assemble your new office chair, make sure that you carefully read and follow the instructions. Make sure that you collect all the parts you are going to use for assembly and ensure that you don’t lose any of them during the build.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask a friend or family member to assist you. There are even services out there where you can hire someone to build your furniture for you. They will do it very quickly and professionally, allowing you to not worry about the stress of doing it yourself.


3.     Is it going to last?

When you are buying a new office chair, you want to make sure you get something that is made with durable materials and is going to last the test of time. This is why you need to be careful when buying 2nd hand.

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Balance Sheet Mutation

Such a development is called a balance sheet change. However, it is not conducive to the overview if you have to process every change or development in the balance sheet. It is therefore customary to report these mutations separately.

Keep in mind that the balance transactions should also be in balance. Suppose you purchased new computer equipment for the employees at the office last summer. The costs: € fifteen thousand. 

For the balance transaction, this means that you have to add € 1500 to your current inventory, while the same amount has to be deducted from the business bank account . In this way, the balance remains in balance.

Need help with drawing up the balance sheet?

Do you have serious doubts whether everything is correct? Always submit the balance sheet drawn up by you to an accountant or accountant first. You can of course also choose to outsource the entire accounting to a professional.

This can be a wise decision – especially if you yourself are not a hero in administrative matters. In that case you must of course take into account extra costs.

Outsourcing business administration

The amount of this amount depends on which part of the business administration you outsource, but for a self-employed person the average costs are estimated at approximately € 600 per year.

Entrepreneurs with employees can quickly count on around € 1,500 on an annual basis.

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How To Fearlessly Deal With Threats That Could Compromise Your Business

In the minds of successful entrepreneurs, but also in that of the most rampant freelancers, there is a fixed thought: how to maintain your competitive advantage. This is because once you get to the goal, another challenge begins, perhaps even more difficult, and that is to stay on the crest of the wave.

Threats are around every corner, and Mark Zuckerberg recently demonstrated it crystal clear when Facebook betrayed its subscribers’ privacy. The Palo Alto giant took the hit but will have to work hard to regain user confidence.

There are not only issues related to online security or digital transformation to pay attention to but also concerns related to “analog life.”

Let’s take some practical examples:

  • a period of recession that brings problems to suppliers forcing them to close leaving us suddenly without raw materials,
  • the birth of an innovative super startup that threatens a consolidated business model for years (think of the Uber affair for the Taxi market),
  • new laws that suddenly complicate the regulation of the sector and to which one has to adapt (condominium administrators know something).

The truth is, you never win in business. There never comes a time when you can sit on your laurels and continue to succeed without doing anything to maintain that position.

As this is so, it becomes essential to learn to recognize the risks before they arise and, therefore, know how to deal with them.

“Knowledge is power.”

By borrowing an aphorism agée, we can begin to think of risk reduction as an investment for our future: the more we know about the risks our business runs, the more we will be ready to avoid them. Let’s look at the three most common threats that could compromise our success.

Shortage of human capital

We may have the perception that, due to the high percentage of unemployment, the job market is a magic hat from which to bring out the professional figure we need at any time. In reality, we must admit that not all people have the same skills and knowledge, so some professionalisms are most in-demand. The war of talents exists, and those who possess certain skills are more popular and remunerated. Consequently, some figures are very difficult to find, and consequently, their “cost” is higher.

To deal with the possible lack of human capital, there are two ways to go, possibly in parallel: to recruit and update. Insisting on recruiting even in times of abundance allows your company to be ready if this risk becomes a reality. If necessary, we can outsource the job to an outsourced professional until we find the right person.

At the same time, it is important to strengthen the existing workforce by offering opportunities for updating and education. A good idea is to ask them what they would like to learn and then make it available. Many online portals offer courses, even at low costs (for example, Udemy). This will allow us to have increasingly qualified employees who perceive our willingness to help them reach their maximum potential.

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